WL Foundation decision making and meeting minutes

By Douglas, January 20, 2017

As part of building this charity as a global community we plan to keep resources like our meeting minutes online.

Traditional meetings with everyone in the same room will almost never happen due to the global nature of our organization. Even video conferences will be rare as we feel these to be time consuming with little to show. Instead we will favour dynamic working, with involved parties contacting each, on an informal basis, to work out solutions.

However, for critical matters, it is important that we make thoroughly thought-out decisions and all invested parties remain informed. For that reason, important choices will not be made without research followed by a report in the form of a blog post (Note: this may not always be possible). Before it is published to the web, it will be reviewed by the trustees and anyone else interested. If there are any complaints with the conclusions or research quality, we will investigate further and update it. Assuming it becomes acceptable to all parties, we will publish the report online. If there are still issues that need more in depth discussion, we will call a formal meeting.

A meeting may be also be called by any invested party at any time to discuss concerns they feel cannot otherwise be addressed sufficiently. The following addresses the format:

  1. Any form of official meeting will be recorded in a meeting minutes blog post that will  include those present and any administrative details worth mentioning.
  2. This is followed by the meeting agenda as featured in a meeting alert email that will be sent out.
  3. We will put any important details along with conclusions underneath each issue.
  4. Then we will address any concerns the attendees may have brought up that was not featured in the email.
  5. Conflict is meant to be revolved around a vote, but we will try to avoid this and instead place an emphasis on further investigation, discussion and reports in the spirit of WL.
  6. If time is critical or there is little prospect of a resolution, a vote will be taken and recorded.

A invested party may wish to have a meeting minutes blog post created  that acts as a formal record of any objections or points they wish to raise but did not fit within the report format. They may request this without an official meeting actually taking place if they wish.

Finally an annual meeting will be held at a date yet to be determined but likely just before our accounts are ready. This will allow us all to review the accounts while taking time to review progress and future aims of WL.