We're Open Source.

The technical development of WikiLogic is a huge undertaking that requires expertise in a range of subjects. On our Github organization page you'll find a collection of active projects from the Sass powered WordPress theme on this site, through to Graph analysis of our (currently) Neo4j Databse. The main projects are detailed below.

The Front End

We are developing the UI with React.js, Sass, and building it with WebPack. It's completely decoupled from the server as we're consuming all data through an API.


The API server

Our server is a minimal read/write JSON API built on Express.js. The long term goal is for this to power more than just our Web App - performance is a big focus here.


Graph Analysis

Propagating updates throughout the entire database & analyzing the data. The goal here is to answer higher level questions, eg: which claims really have the largest impacts?


This Website

A simple WP theme using Sass & PODS.


The Docs

Documenting our code. Tech TBD! Probably "Read the docs"