Meeting minutes #1 (5/02/17 3pm GMT) Caxton Arms

By Douglas, February 6, 2017
Meeting minutes

1. Which bank to use to open a WL Foundation account 


Stu asked about looking at HSBC

Ella: Not as good due to cost.

Douglas: Santander and Coop the best options. Santander slightly better prices but Coop more ethical.

Result: Voted for Coop (unanimous)  

2. Which open source license to use for our programs in particular WL 


Vlad raised concerns about people using codes for profit

Iain: Code is not valuable, our user base  and data is the real value.

Douglas: If code is used by someone else who is for profit, we should out perform them. If used by a someone else who is not-for-profit, we will allow the best one to win and happily redirect our own resources if its not us.

Result: Voted for Apache 2.0 (unanimous) 

3. Vote or (general consensus) to create a committee consisting of Iain McCallum and I (Douglas Kelly), to run the day to day and make decisions that do not involve money or major changes to the charity without consultation with the other trustees. 

Ella: One trustee can be in two or more committees at once

Ella: Trustees can revoke the committee privilege at any time.

Result: Voted for the Coding Committee (unanimous)  



Iain McCallum – Chairman (via Skype)

Stuart Lynch – Treasurer

Vlad Costin – Secretary

Ella Davy Green – Adviser

Douglas Kelly – Adviser




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