Dynamic Logic Web

By IainJMcCallum, October 31, 2014

The Dynamic Logic Web is one of the fundamental ideas behind Wikilogic.  Every statement you make is based on other statements.  If all the supporting statements are assumed to be true then your statement, which relies on them, can also be assumed to be true.  However if circumstances change and all the supporting statements turn out to be false then we can  no longer assume the truth of your statement.

The difficulty with working out whether a statement is true or false is that most have a very complex network of supporting and opposing arguments.  Each argument built from one or more statements, and each of those having their own network of support and opposition.

To compound this difficulty further, circumstances are changing all the time, and, as a result, the whole network that underlies the truth behind whatever statement you may be interested in is shifting constantly.

In using the term ‘Dynamic Logic Web’ I am referring to this network and it is our aim to map it as best we can.