Replication Crisis

This is the first of a series of blog posts I plan to write that address some common questions or discussion points with WikiLogic. The replication crisis is something that frequently comes up when I talk to academics about WL. This is the name given to a recently exposed problem where many different studies, some… Read more »

Picking an open source license

The Wikilogic Foundation is interested in building a community with a focus on improving rational thinking. We believe the best way to do this is to distribute our software for free. We are also aware of the benefits of having community involvement with the code base, such as community contributions and increased transparency. Therefore we… Read more »

The ultimate skeptic and WL

I think, therefore i am. – Descartes If we want to rebuild all knowledge, where do we begin? This is my attempt at starting from a belief in nothing and working my way from there. It is important for WL as I believe it deals with what is likely to be the lowest level arguments…. Read more »

Crisps are healthy

Probably the first constructive sit down run through of the concept that I have had since ‘joining’ the project.  I mean joining in a loose sense seeing as it has mainly been an idea slowly growing inside Douglas Kelly’s head for who knows how many years.  We’ve spoken of it fairly often over the past… Read more »