Crowd Fundraising Platforms

We are looking to launch an initial fundraising campaign as soon as our charity registration number comes through, and our bank account is set up. As we discussed at the Trustee meeting, traditional sources of funding such as grants are relatively difficult for us to come by at this stage, so I have been looking… Read more »

Meeting minutes #1 (5/02/17 3pm GMT) Caxton Arms

1. Which bank to use to open a WL Foundation account  Report: Stu asked about looking at HSBC Ella: Not as good due to cost. Douglas: Santander and Coop the best options. Santander slightly better prices but Coop more ethical. Result: Voted for Coop (unanimous)   2. Which open source license to use for our… Read more »

Creating a Committee

One of the fantastic things about our Founding Constitution, (which has now been submitted to the Charity Commission) is that our trustees are able to delegate certain tasks to committees. This is particularly attractive to Wikilogic as it takes the pressure off our trustees to meet to discuss every micro decision related to the development… Read more »

WL Foundation decision making and meeting minutes

As part of building this charity as a global community we plan to keep resources like our meeting minutes online. Traditional meetings with everyone in the same room will almost never happen due to the global nature of our organization. Even video conferences will be rare as we feel these to be time consuming with… Read more »

Choosing a charity bank account

A plethora of banking options are available for small charities like Wikilogic. However, there were several factors that made Wikilogic’s decision to open an account with the Co-operative bank fairly straightforward. One of our first priorities was to find an account which has no monthly fees and no minimum deposit amount to open an account…. Read more »

Becoming a registered charity

Getting Wikilogic registered as either a charity and / or company is the next step in developing our plans and moving forward with the project. Coming to a decision about the best route to take demanded researching all possible avenues and mapping out and comparing these possibilities. Our leading aim was to find a model… Read more »