Dynamic Logic Web Demo

Try clicking the counter arguments on the bottom right to turn them to false.

Automated Statement Evaluation demo

How to work out the truth of a statement, in Wikilogic 0.2

Every time you look at a statement in Wikilogic, it’s status is re-evaluated based on the status of every supporting argument.  This is a quick description of the evaluation process used in version 0.2 (as of writing, the current one). Each statement has a list of supporting arguments (for) on the left and opposing arguments… Read more »

Dynamic Logic Web

The Dynamic Logic Web is one of the fundamental ideas behind Wikilogic.  Every statement you make is based on other statements.  If all the supporting statements are assumed to be true then your statement, which relies on them, can also be assumed to be true.  However if circumstances change and all the supporting statements turn… Read more »

Crisps are healthy

Probably the first constructive sit down run through of the concept that I have had since ‘joining’ the project.  I mean joining in a loose sense seeing as it has mainly been an idea slowly growing inside Douglas Kelly’s head for who knows how many years.  We’ve spoken of it fairly often over the past… Read more »