We currently have a small team of Trustees and Volunteers working at Wikilogic. Our team is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and representing 4 different nationalities! As individuals we possess an eclectic mix of interests, hobbies and world views, but share a common goal of wanting to create a better world. We are really looking forward to bringing more people into the team as the project develops.


Iain McCallum Chairman

I began collaborating with Douglas around 2011. The first projects were games designed to educate & provoke thought. One of which you can play online: Synergy! But after hearing his idea for WL, I’ve been all in to get it off the ground. Currently I’m a front-end leaning web developer & I chair the board of trustees for WL.

Douglas Kelly Founder

I came up with the idea for WikiLogic while doing an undergrad in Game design and project management. During my time at university i became increasingly interested in education and reasoning ability. WikiLogic is the culmination of my best thoughts on how to address issues in this domain. I now work as a .Net programmer for a CAD package while devoting the rest of my time to making WL a reality.


Stuart Lynch Treasurer

Ella Davy Green Head of Administration

I found out about WikiLogic shortly after graduating last year with a degree in History, Literature, Culture. WikiLogic both chimed with my philosophical interests, but also my ongoing passion for finding innovative ways to challenge ideas, promote discussion and facilitate positive global change. My role at WikiLogic is to manage the charity's Administrative/Operational affairs, as my knowledge about coding is very limited (for now!)


Vlad Costin Secretary

Svenja Czubayko Volunteer, Part-time

I have no programming or theoretical skills but i like the idea and I am happy to offer an occasional hand. So far i have worked to recruit an artist and manage the project with him to build the home page explanation video.

 Join Our Team!

Although we currently have no paid job vacancies, we are constantly on the look out for volunteers to bring into the Wikilogic team. There are many ways in which you can help the project develop, whether it be simply giving us feedback, helping with the coding, to joining our small charity administration team. Although previous would be a fantastic asset to us, we welcome all applicants! We hope that we will be able to offer volunteers progression into paid work as Wikilogic develops.

For more information or to apply contact Ella and Douglas:


We look forward to hearing from you!