Goals of Wikilogic Foundation

Like every charity, The Wikilogic Foundations broadest goal is to solve the worlds problems. We have decided to do this by building the website Wikilogic from which the charities name is derived. However, if we discover there is an even better way of improving the world, we would move on to that in an instant (even if it made our name redundant!). To stay flexible and open to the most efficient path, we need to keep our eye on the bigger picture, so we have created an ordered list of our goals. Each sub-goal only exists to solve the issue above it.

1. Solve the worlds problems

2. Gain accurate and extensive knowledge of the world

3. Improve everyone's ability to accurately derive facts from previously confirmed information

  • Teach people how to reason
  • Allow people easy access to view each others reasoning
  • Increase the frequency of applying a reasoned approach
  • All of the above as a basic, free human right

4. Create a website that meets the above points

  • Easy to use
  • Community driven and inclusive
  • Free and open source
  • Is as widely known and used as Wikipedia
  • Incorrect information can be discredited within the system*

*If someone has a problem with a statement they can always work within the program to show how it is incorrect ie they will not need to resort to a blog post saying "WL will not allow me to point out that argument is a straw man and does not apply". Or "It has added the probabilities up incorrectly so the wrong argument is showing as correct"

Why each sub-goal was chosen?

We believe the most efficient way to achieve the number one goal is to fix the core issue at the heart of every problem in the world; a deficit of knowledge or an inaccuracy .

Don't agree? Try to name one issue that possession of accurate knowledge would not solve. For example:

 - An asteroid coming to hit Earth? Solved by knowledge of how to destroy it.

 - Ah, but what if we don't have the resources? Knowledge of how to obtain or create artificial alternatives.

Note, we are not saying knowledge is the only answer but its the most fundamental and a great starting point. Therefore we should be armed with an excellent knowledge system before tackling the rest of the worlds issues.

The importance of basic facts is well understood and we have come on leaps and bounds in the last few hundred years thanks to the scientific method that helped us accurately observe reality. However our reasoning and ability to form new facts derived from previous conclusions is limited. Therefore, the most work we can do for our second goal is in the field of rationality, reasoning and argument formation.

Our home page goes into detail of why the Wikilogic website will be ideal in achieving this goal.


Read our constitution here: Wikilogic Constitution